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Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA]

Account Used For Research Purposes Only


Real Vampirism (Psi/Sanguine)
& Energy Work Research Study Information


The VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Surveys Are Available For Download At: http://www.suscitatio.com

Please Complete Surveys & Return ASAP To: response@suscitatio.com

I. Deadline: We will accept surveys through late 2007, however, while we are involved in the data entry and pre-correlation phases you will be able to mail in your surveys until the web site file download and response e-mail is ultimately disabled. In order to facilitate the data entry schedule we've established, the sooner you complete your surveys and submit them the easier it will be to move this study closer to the final analysis and results stage. Please do NOT procrastinate when it comes to completing these surveys. They do not have to be completed in one sitting and you may take your time and revisit them as often as needed; being careful not to forget to save the survey file you are working on before closing. As you finish a particular survey please e-mail them to response@suscitatio.com

II. Vampires & Energy Workers: There is a common misconception that these surveys are only written for those who identify with modern, living, or real sanguine or psi vampirism. While 55-60% of the content of these surveys apply almost exclusively to vampirism related topics, the remainder was designed to account for those who identify with energy work, no longer identify with vampirism, or identify with both components. Presently, response from the exclusive energy worker Community accounts for less than 15% of the total response received to date, however, any base group inclusion of this size as a variance point warrants its own branch of classification. Therefore, let us attempt to explain how responses from both vampires and energy workers will be grouped in the data tree and subsequently correlated.

For this study we will be using a model that accounts for divergent branches of the top level variants or groups; those who identify as vampires or vampires who also identify as energy workers and those who identify only as energy workers. Only the applicable questions for energy workers will be compiled for the independent study of this branch; primarily the demographic, personal, medical, familial, spiritual, cross-over community background, paranormal, past-life, meditation, psi-related, energy perception, manipulation, tools, techniques, etc. Having this general body of data for both self-identifying vampires and energy workers will allow us to conduct a linear and non-linear multiple regression and correlation of these two communities. The potential for this shedding light into the interrelationships, similarities of abilities or conditions, and overall mentality or perception, is of extreme interest in both a psychological and sociological context. Therefore, if you are an energy worker who does not personality either identify with, or even believe in vampirism, you will be able to answer all questions that do not contain the word "vampire or vampirism"; as an awakening, spirituality, energy work, general perception and experience of self relates to facets of both communities.

A. Instructions For Vampires & Energy Workers:

i. If you are a vampire role player or do not believe in living vampirism (either sanguine or psi) and have come into possession of these surveys please do NOT participate unless you identify with and practice energy work.

ii. Carefully read pages two through five / nine before answering and complete all portions of the survey(s) to the best of your ability without outside assistance or influence.

iii. Your responses are VERY important no matter how extensive your involvement or background. These are completely neutral surveys - it matters NOT which path, religion, belief, or affiliation you hold. Do NOT include personally identifiable responses to any written answers. We do NOT under any circumstances wish to know who you are for any number of ethical and liability reasons.

iv. Complete BOTH surveys and return to: response@suscitatio.com

B. Special Instructions For Energy Workers Only:

i. Complete BOTH the VEWRS & AVEWRS - If you do NOT intend to complete BOTH surveys then do not participate. Much of the VEWRS will be "Not Applicable", however, all questions concerning demographics in sections 1 to 3 and that do not contain a specific reference to vampirism in sections 4 to 11 are viable and important material for analysis. The AVEWRS contains a high concentration of energy work questions and paranormal background in sections 1 & 2. Although, please answer the questions in sections 3 to 5 that are applicable to energy workers or the general populace.

ii. Question 988 is perhaps the most important question on the entire survey, in that it allows the respondent to include any and all material they deem important regarding their respective communities that is not included in the VEWRS & AVEWRS.

iii. It is not the intent of the researchers to portray the Energy Worker Community or Vampire Community as mutually inclusive of one another. We are well aware that both communities do not always acknowledge, support, or agree with one another and therefore will treat both sets of data as independent variables in their own right and both will receive separate sections of publication. However, certain data points that present as aberrant or unique both in comparison and contrast to these communities will be explored.

iv. Please note your answer carefully on question #285 {Other: Energy Worker_} of the VEWRS and question #383 & #384 of the AVEWRS. These are the criteria markers we use to categorize vampire and energy workers in the SPSS data analysis program.

v. If you exclusively identify as an energy worker please return your completed surveys to: response@suscitatio.com

While we have already began sorting energy worker from vampire responses received during 2006, this new system in 2007 will provide a more streamlined approach to expedite the processing of data.

IV. VEWRS & AVEWRS: Please understand that BOTH surveys need to be completed and returned. The AVEWRS is the concurrent second survey that covers the technical aspects of vampirism, energy work, spirituality, detailed experience, feeding, awakening, coping, identity, etc. background that is NOT covered in the VEWRS. For this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT that those who complete the VEWRS also complete the AVEWRS.

V. Importance & Significance Of This Study: In order for detailed anthropological, psychological, or phenomenological research to be properly conducted on a community or subculture a foundation must first be established and this is one of the primary purposes of this research study. To be able to firmly grasp and understand the elements of this Community, there needs to be an exploration into the shared commonalities, differences, and developing trends in a concise and centralized format. We've received surveys from all parts of the globe, dozens of different paths or belief systems, psi/sang/hybrid, solitary, affiliated, the young, the old, community leaders, and newly awakened alike. Your participation and moreover your encouragement of others to participate in this important study directly impacts the success of this project.

One important thing we have come to realize thus far from this study is that there are legitimate and level-headed communities in parts of the World we never realized that are literally begging for others to speak with in their area, develop a cohesive structure and organization, and even translate important information into their native tongue. It makes no difference of your individual path; this is a universal study directed towards the specific subset of the real vampire and natural energy worker subculture and we are sincerely seeking participation from all paths, orders, and beliefs without the desire to infringe or violate the tenets or private inner teachings of any particular group. There are numerous underlying significant benefits to all of us and how we are perceived that have the potential to come from this research and everyone that honestly personally identifies with real, living, modern, sang/psi vampirism and/or energy work should invest their time to complete these surveys.

Please note that if we have added you to our friends list and you either are not a part of the energy worker, psion, vampire, or otherkin community or simply wish to be removed we will gladly honor your request. We mean no ill will or implied involvement and you may feel comfortable adding us to your mutual friends list as we will not spam journal entries nor solicit outside of this study.