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Global Vampire & Donor Community Directory
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All self-identified vampi(y)res (sanguinarian/psychic/etc.), donors, and other interested parties 18 years of age or older are encouraged to participate by completing the form linked above. This will aid the vampire community and individuals in bridging communication gaps and encourage social networking within local geographic areas -- connecting vampi(y)res and donors in the social media and mobile peer-to-peer era. For additional information regarding this initiative please refer below the form.

We would like to thank the 600+ individuals who have completed the form thus far and we are asking those willing to assist this project by notifying the vampires and donors local to your area that you know via your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blog, community forums, and other social media websites. We are seeking an exponential increase in the availability of vampire and donor contacts and in order for this to be successful we need broad-based cooperation and support. Thank you!

Directory Registration Geographic Breakdown As Of April 17, 2013:

452 – United States of America (~47/50 States)
36 – United Kingdom
25 – Canada
18 – Germany
17 – Russia
13 – South Africa
12 – Italy
10 – Denmark
9 – Australia
8 – India
6 – New Zealand
5 – Austria
5 – Netherlands
4 – France
4 – Norway
3 – Brazil
3 – Greece
3 – Mexico
2 – Iraq
1 – Iran
1 – Egypt
49 – Other Countries*

34.1% Non-U.S. (234)
65.9% U.S. (452)


- The Global Vampire & Donor Community Directory will officially launch May 1, 2013 (it may take up to one week+ to initially contact everyone, but if you’ve completed the FORM LINKED ABOVE you will be contacted during the month of May, this is a massive undertaking so thank you for your patience! To date we’ve received responses from more than 685 individuals in over two dozen countries).

- If you have already completed the registration form please do *NOT* complete it a second time – this only creates more work for us and slows the process.

- Therians/Otherkin: We’ve been asked if Therians and Otherkin may participate in this Directory and the answer is *YES* – we knew this might come up so we provided for that option from the beginning. The primary aim of this Directory is Vampires and/or Donors, however, we will also place Therians and Otherkin in contact with one another per their geographic area and/or with Vampires, Donors, etc. as desired.

- IMPORTANT: Please assist this effort by notifying the vampires and donors you know via your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog, Fetlife, community forums, other social media websites, and especially LOCAL TO YOUR AREA — do not simply assume they have already joined because they may have missed seeing the notices or had questions but did not take the time to seek answers (if you have any questions e-mail us at VVCNotification [at] gmail [dot] com). We are aiming for an exponential increase in the availability of vampire and donor contacts and in order for this to be successful we need broad-based cooperation and support. It does not matter to us if someone is a blood drinker or an energy feeder, TOV, OSV, Aset Ka, etc., or loathes the “vampire community” — this is not about vampire allegiances or politics — it’s about connecting individuals who identify as “real vampi(y)res” along with donors and allies in their own localities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for encouraging all applicable parties to register for the Directory:

Demystifying 'Real' Vampirism For The Rest Of Us


Demystifying ‘Real’ Vampirism For The Rest Of Us
An overview of modern vampirism for the general public

Psychic and sanguinarian vampires are individuals who cannot adequately sustain their own physical, mental, or spiritual wellbeing without the taking of blood or vital lifeforce energy from other sources.  Without feeding a vampire will become lethargic, sickly, depressed, and often go through physical suffering or discomfort.  Such individuals generally consider “real vampirism” to be an extension of personal identity rather than a lifestyle.  While there are those who self-identify as psychic or sanguinarian vampires who adhere to the “vampire lifestyle” by adopting a vampire aesthetic, wearing prosthetic fangs, or participating in roleplay games, vampi(y)re lifestylers are not synonymous with those who believe they must feed on psychic or life energies and/or blood.  Blood fetishism and sanguinarian vampirism are likewise not synonymous and exist as their own distinct subcultures.  Blood fetishists are aroused by seeing, smelling, and touching blood whereas sanguinarian vampires believe that the drinking of small quantities of blood represents a health and quality of life issue – a need rather than a desire.

Real vampirism does not constitute a cult, a religion, a paraphilia, an offshoot of the BDSM subculture, a community composed exclusively of delusional or mentally ill participants, and is not what is depicted in fictional books, on television, or in movies.  The use of obsolete psychiatric diagnostic terminology such as “Clinical Vampirism”, “Renfield’s Syndrome”, and “Autovampirism” or the comparison of vampirism to the medical condition known as Porphyria is inaccurate and without merit.  Vampirism is not considered a religion by the majority of self-identified vampires whose most commonly reported religious and spiritual beliefs include Atheism, Paganism, Christianity, Satanism, Buddhism, Daoism, Shamanism, Magick, Occultism, Wicca, and Vampi(y)ric Spirituality.  Some in the media and in academia have chosen to characterize vampires as criminals who engage in subversive and dangerous practices.  Real vampires are mistakenly thrust into the same categories as ritual animal or human sacrifice, cannibalism, fetishism, fanatical religious expression, and labeled as unstable threats to themselves and others.  The overwhelming majority of self-identified vampires adhere to ethical and safe feeding practices, are of sound mind and judgment, and productively contribute to society.

Many self-identified vampires report that they suffer from asthma, migraine headaches, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other endocrine system related disorders exceeding typical prevalence rates with comorbidity of possible adrenal or pituitary dysfunction.  Due in large part to increased sociological-based scholarship there persists a hope that not only will there be more awareness on the part of the general public as to the practices and beliefs of “real-life vampires”, but also increased interest from medical researchers.  Some sanguinarian and even psychic vampires would like to see genetic and other comprehensive medical testing conducted to help determine what about them, if anything, is truly aberrant from the rest of humanity.  Even those self-identified vampi(y)res not searching for answers through medical science only wish to be left to their own devices and exist among us without fear of ridicule or hostility.  Healthy skepticism and analytical thinking aren’t enemies of the vampire community – they are essential tools integral to the growth and understanding of vampiric identity.

Demystifying ‘Real’ Vampirism For The Rest Of Us
By Merticus; Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] & Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
February 10, 2013 – This article may be redistributed, translated, or adopted by other organizations provided there are no content modifications and full citation is included.



Vampire Community Accountability - A Short Questionnaire

Vampire Community Accountability - A Short Questionnaire


The purpose of this questionnaire is to objectively evaluate what issues are adversely affecting the Vampire Community, if any, and what steps can be taken in the future both as a larger body and individually to proactively address these issues for the betterment of all parties involved.  If you have something you'd like to say or suggestions you'd like to make, now is the opportunity for your voice to be heard.

The results will be collected and posted at this same link within the next 30 days (name & e-mail fields will be removed prior to any public posting).  The text boxes are set to unlimited characters so you may type as much information as needed.  Please distribute this questionnaire throughout the Vampire Community.  Thank you!

Articles (3) Concerning Real Vampires & Vampirism From November 18, 2011

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Community Poll - Donor & Vampire Appreciation Days

Do you support the creation of an international "Real Vampi(y)re Donor Appreciation Day" & an international "Real Vampi(y)re Appreciation Day"?

Please take a moment to vote in this poll and distribute to all those you know in the vampire and donor community.


Background: Proposed Donor Appreciation Day On October 1st By Drake Mefestta

Joseph Laycock's Interview w/Whitley Strieber (Radio) - Real Vampire Community

Listen (Audio): http://www.unknowncountry.com/media/?cur=505


Joseph Laycock's Interview w/Whitley Strieber
Eclipse of the Vampires - July 10, 2010

With the latest Twilight Saga film exploding at the box office and the books racing out of the stores, it's worth asking the question: what's going on with vampires, anyway, and Joseph Laycock ( author of Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism - http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Today-Truth-Modern-Vampirism/dp/0313364729 ) has the answers! Learn the truth about modern vampirism as you take a journey into the revealing subject with an expert--and led by Whitley Strieber, whose own book, the Hunger, is considered to be among the greatest of all vampire novels.

What was the inspiration for the Hunger? Did Whitley Strieber encounter some of the same vampire societies that Joseph Laycock has uncovered? Go as deep as you can go into this strange and dangerous modern lore, with a leading expert and a leading writer in the field.

Vampire Craze Is A Dangerous Fad - The Daily Republic, South Dakota

Letter: Vampire Craze Is A Dangerous Fad
(Danger Of Library Books On Vampirism In Hands Of Teens)

To the Editor:

Vampire and blood fetishes run amok: Twilight, the “vampire lifestyle” and paraphilias turned fads. Parents are responsible in the youth culture war that is being lost.

By: John Shaw, Mitchell
March 5, 2010
The Daily Republic: Mitchell, South Dakota


View Entire Article At Link Below + Library Information: